detail People's Daily: They Are Changed by 'Belt and Road'_和记娱乐

People's Daily: They Are Changed by 'Belt and Road'

Over the past five years, the Belt and Road Initiative have turned China's opportunity into global opportunities, and have changed people's lives in many countries.


As China is further deepening cooperation with countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, SEP, a major subsidiary of SPIC, has been carrying out business in Malta for four years since its equity investment in a local energy enterprise in 2014. Through optimization of local energy structure, the residential power tariff in Malta was reduced by 25 percent, benefiting local residents like Antony Zammit, a print shop owner.


"The power tariff is roughly five percent of the total cost of the print shop. Therefore, a 25 percent tariff decrease has a direct effect on us," Antony told the reporter.


Since summer is quite long in Malta, when the kids asked to turn on the air-conditioner before, Antony's wife would complain about it. Thanks to the power tariff reduction, now the family has faced much less pressure from power usage.


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